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Our hunter knew the night was gonna be wild, and he was right! Enjoy new bare upskirt!
Tags: upskirting, up-skirt shots
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Pedro ( 5 years ago )
I didn't expect this to be a great film but it had a lot of poitatenl to be a fun film. Ultimately, it was a big let down. The plot was all over the place which sucks because the lead character, Madsen's character and Hopper's character could have been very cool. I agree  instead of presenting films, Q.T. should rewrite and direct them himself. Although, he did  present  Iron Monkey which was a fun little Martial Arts flick. Check it out!!!
Iury ( 5 years ago )
Thanks, Dad. I know from experience I have a tencdney to jump on things I want as soon as they're available to me   I think if Dr. Chapman was evaluating this, he would have called it impulsiveness and maybe linked it to my ADD   and that is what I'm going to try not to do treatment-wise in the future.
Flower ( 5 years ago )
I'm missing a  resefrh  button.  IE insists on giving me a warning after having saved the clipboard.  But if I (or another user) then change the clipboard on another pc I would like to resefrh the contents instead of re-posting the older contents.
HuynKuy ( 5 years ago )
Excellent posting. I'd add only that in this case it isn't just a war ansgiat the slow half of the bell curve, but a war ansgiat those without the math gene. I'm pretty bright in a general kind of way but fall instantly to sleep (from confusion, inadequacy, and lack of interest) whenever math topics come up. In the old days, I managed to get through high school and even through a fairly fancy college. These days -- well, if they're serious about demanding algebra 2, would I be able to graduate from a California high school at all?And here's another question: Of what possible use are courses like Geometry and Algebra 2 to people who will never go into math-and-science fields? I'm having a full and enjoyable life, and I'm managing to bring in a middle-class income, and I never need to do anything math-y beyond basic arithmatic. Which means that the years that I spent in math class beyond basic arithmatic really were the needless torture they felt like. Why do we do this to kids? It seems like the purest kind of sadism.
Duarte ( 5 years ago )
> They believe that any kid can > learn any mraeaitl so long as > they are properly taught it and > its prerequisites.It seems to me that these algebra standards are one more example of a general trend : people tend to think that other people are just like them, on the inside.  Lesbian feminism studies professors think that other women are just like them on the inside, and wearing skirts and heels just as some sort of capitulation to fear.  White nationalists think that other white folks would feel the same way as them, if they were truly honest with themselves.  And, most notably, NPR-listening, Volvo-driving, Starbucks-sipping, weekend-away-vacationing, enlightened-view having, high-achieving white professionals believe that ghetto blacks and barrio latins have an NPR-listening, Volvo-driving, Starbucks-sipping, weekend-away-vacationing, enlightened-view having, high-achieving professional inside of them, just yearning to get out -  if only society would just locate and punish the residual Bull Connors lurking about creating institutional racism, and we would all learn to be more "inclusive".

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